We're Going And We're So Thankful That You Go With Us

In Prayer, In Finances, & Sometimes In Person
Thank You!

This Year We're Going Again

Last year we were limited in our mission travels to two months due to some severe family problems - please continue to pray for a complete resolution.  But, this year we have planned to be out of our country for nearly five months, ministering in: England, Wales, Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and another Russian speaking country.

Having not had a typical workforce job since 1990 our savings and government pension provisions are minimal.  Therefore we depend on our supporters to finance the outgoing ministry.

Of course, with being gone gone this long we will need to take rest in between public ministry appointments, with birthdays on the road . . . 76 and 69 if you can believe that - but there is a call on our lives and there is need in the Body of Christ that we've been equipped and empowred to minister into.

Improving Your Discipleship

We love to take individuals from the west (USA, Canada, UK, etc. with us, first to help us in the field, but there is another agenda, to help you sharpen your own discipleship.  There is nothing like getting out of your comfort zone to bring you closer to God.

We are also experience in leading groups in missions activities.  Either way, if you are interested, please write us via this website.

Another Way of Going: Books & Internet

Years ago we realized that, even with public ministry appointments, we have limited ability to touch lives directly.  Discipleship training of our teams was one way of multiplying what God has invested in us.  But another way is through writing books, internet sourcing and recorded materials.  We continue to minister in a limited way through the local church we attend where we are part of a church wide ministry team, are able to platform minister in a Chinese sub-congregation and minister as part of the communion team as well as the greeting teamin the 11,000 member church to which we belong.

When not involved publicly we then have time to work on writing our ministry books.

What's On The Horizon

We're working on a new title, "Escaping the Dirty Dozen," a guide to relief from twelve common areas where both Christians and non-Christians may be unsuspectingly be under some level of curse.  It is a very exciting book since it has a more general audience in both the western and eastern world.

We're also available to minister in conferences oryour local church, either in the USA or outside of our borders. Please see our website www.FreedomTruths.com to get an idea of the training material we can bring to an eager church or group.